Live Luxury with the Proceeds of Complexes in Turkey

Live Luxury with the Proceeds of Complexes in Turkey

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Live Luxury with the Proceeds of Complexes in Turkey

Turkey occupies an advanced position as one of the richest countries with its tourist attractions, which enabled it to rank sixth in the world as the best place to go to for tourism, in addition to its special character in various other areas of life.

Proceeds of the complexes in Turkey are the civilizational features that make Turkey a destination for those seeking luxury and investment opportunities, in addition to the quality of education at the global level, which made it an incubator for the hopes and aspirations of many who come to it.

1-   What are the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey?

A - Pros of complexes’ proceeds in Turkey

Turkey is of a civilized nature that is only satisfied with providing services to residents in its lands, on a continuous basis without interruption, and the proceeds system was to allow the complexes to manage the services they provide and request the proceeds from.

If you own a property in one of the complexes, you get the right to benefit from the various recreational services in return for the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey, which makes your access to services gain a continuity as long as you pay a return for them.

B- Get services for their fees (Proceeds)

As one of the real estate owners of the complexes, you get the advantage of benefiting from public services and recreational services on an ongoing basis, in return for paying the fees required of you periodically, which are called the proceeds of the complexes.

Consequently, the proceeds of the complexes that you pay are only in response to human needs, and hence the importance of clarifying the meaning of the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey, by clarifying the needs, which we divide in this article into essential and recreational needs.

C- Necessary needs that must be worked on according to the law in Turkey

These are needs that must be met by law, apart from the need to meet them to maintain a minimum level of well-being, which a country with a civilization like that of Turkey would not be worthy of giving up.

The services that meet these needs are called public services that all complexes in Turkey must provide, including maintenance, cleaning, and security services.

D- Recreational needs for more comfort and ease of life

Turkey's keenness to have a minimum level of services provided by the administrations of the complexes in return for proceeds, does not mean that there is an allowed upper limit of luxury that can be provided by the administrations of the complexes.

The law gave owners the freedom to choose the recreational services that suit them and meet their aspirations, such as swimming pools, gardens, sports clubs, and saunas, according to specific controls.

E - Supporting group welfare through Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The ability to change the value of proceeds from one period to another according to certain controls allows the management of the complexes to include the services they provide, and here it is important for these departments to familiarize themselves with Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The pyramid classifies human needs within levels that push a person to carry out a certain activity, between which the person progresses from the lowest level to the highest level when meeting the lowest level, for example, man does not work to meet his social needs before meeting his physiological needs.

the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey

2- Credible transparency in the requirement and distribution of the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey


Turkey has emerged with a civilization of a distinctive character, and this was reflected in the presence of controls governing the method of calculating the proceeds of complexes in order to collect and distribute them in a transparent manner.

A - Planning the proceeds of the complexes for the services achieved

The operating project represents an accounting table that shows the estimated expenses that the complex must pay for the services it receives, and thus determines the proceeds of the complexes to be collected.

However, it is required to obtain the approval of the owners' council (a council democratically elected by the owners of the properties of the complex) on the expectations of the management of the complex for the value of the proceeds.

Whereas the approval of the owners’ council is what makes the proceeds mandatory (it is imposed on all property owners in the complex), and these returns are required from the owners according to clear rules that determine the amount paid by each of the owners.

B - Requiring the proceeds of the complexes


When making an investment decision, it is important to know the expected returns regarding the potential options, and what you will get in return for the services.

There are various factors governed by the floor easement law that play an important role in determining the returns required from you if you decide to invest in residential complexes in Turkey, and these factors include:

  • Region: proceeds vary from state to state, even if other factors are similar.
  • Affiliation: There is a difference between the required proceeds from residential apartments located within complexes and the required proceeds outside the complexes.
  • Services: The proceeds imposed on apartments vary according to the services provided to them. The more services, the higher the required proceeds.

The method of calculating the proceeds required from each of the owners differs according to the type of services (public or recreational). The value of the proceeds for recreational services are distributed among the owners according to the area of their real estate, and the proceeds required for public services are equally required between the owners of each apartment.

C- Distribution of the proceeds of the complexes

The thoughtful and equitable distribution of the proceeds of the complexes in Turkey is no less important than requiring them in a thoughtful and fair manner, but even more important, without which the collection of proceeds would be a mere waste of the resources of the owners of real estate.

The thoughtful distribution may bring you greater comfort and efficiency than you would have if you spent the value of the proceeds on your own, and here highlights the importance of choosing the appropriate, capable, and efficient management in proceeds management.

within their future plan, complex administrations set their own provisions for distributing the proceeds they obtained, otherwise the distribution will be in accordance with the Floor Easement Law Article 20, which set fixed percentages for the distribution of proceeds that do not vary with the size of the complex or the facilities and services it provides, and these percentages are as follows:

The maintenance and energy resources will have 25%, and the complex management will have 25%, and the staff will have 50%. Thus, there is an incentive for the various employees and the complex management to provide what is needed, given that they are subject to dismissal in the event of their negligence.

3- In conclusion

Turkey is a country rich in investment opportunities, but you should clarify your investment goal before you start investing, because based on this you make your investment decisions, and the proceeds are one of the most important factors that you need to consider when making the investment decision.

For instance, if your goal of investing is to enjoy high levels of luxury, then you are ready to pay high sums of returns for complexes, but if your investment goal is to buy an apartment to rent it at a low price, you will make sure that the proceeds are low.


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