Which Is Better? Buying Apartment in Turkey within a Residential Complex or Ordinary Building

Which Is Better? Buying Apartment in Turkey within a Residential Complex or Ordinary Building

Real Estate Investment
Which Is Better? Buying Apartment in Turkey within a Residential Complex or Ordinary Building


Invest your money by buying apartments in Turkey, enjoy its natural and historical attractions that attract tourists from different places around the world, and accept its gift stemming from its hospitality to foreign investors, as it allows them (under certain conditions) to obtain Turkish citizenship, which gives them access to more opportunities.

Likewise, Turkey has presented projects that serve the development of its advanced infrastructure and has built international relations and agreements supportive of investment in the country. Among the most prominent investments in Turkey is real estate investment, which is a safe and low-risk investment despite its profitability due to the possibility of benefiting from it or renting it and selling it at a price higher than the purchase price.

In any case, real estate investment in Turkey has different types, and in this article, we will focus on clarifying the difference between owning a property in residential complexes and a property in an ordinary building.

1-   Classification of buying apartments in Turkey

It is essential before you start investing in buying apartments in Turkey that you realize the various real estate classifications, as residential real estate is only one type of real estate, and then you realize the difference between apartments in residential complexes and apartments in detached buildings.

A - Types of real estate according to their purpose


  • Commercial real estate: It is the real estate designated for conducting commercial activities, which can be a shop, an office, or the like, and it is not required that you conduct the business yourself; you can buy it and then rent it for others to work through it.
  • Agricultural land: It is the land allocated to work on agriculture and livestock.
  • Land for construction: It is the land that is purchased for the purpose of building on it, which can be a commercial or residential building.
  • Residential real estate: The purpose of buying this real estate is to live in it, or to rent it to someone who lives in it, and it has different forms, such as an apartment and a villa.

B - Classification of real estate according to its location

Real estate investment in Turkey is distinguished from other countries around the world, and there is also a difference in real estate between cities within Turkey, for example, apartments for residence in Istanbul differ from Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Kocaeli, Adana…

Rather, real estate investment varies within one city to another, for example, investing in a commercial property within the Istanbul market differs from a commercial property in the outskirts of this city in terms of the capital required to purchase the property and the resulting return, and the price of the apartment located near the city center differs from the apartment in the suburbs.

C- Classification of apartments according to their dependency

Investment by buying apartments in Turkey, if it belongs to residential complexes, differs from whether it is in an ordinary building.

Thus, you may get confused in choosing the best investment for you, as it is said: “If you want to confuse him, let him choose.” But this confusion decreases when you form a point of view based on realizing the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of each of the residential complexes and detached buildings, so it becomes easier for you to choose the appropriate residential property, and this what we discuss in the next section.

2- The different advantages of buying apartments in Turkey within residential complexes from an ordinary building


A-  Characteristics of residential complexes


  • Complexes are distinguished by the fact that they support their occupants with a sense of security, by providing guards for the complex, in addition to the presence of guards for each building.
  • Complexes are concerned with aesthetic matters, as they have a civilized appearance that harmonizes with the engineering design of the buildings inside and provide green spaces that make being in these complexes a reason to feel comfortable and enjoy the elegant view of the complex.
  • Complexes are characterized by the quietness that many prefer, as these complexes are usually far from the city noise.
  • Complexes provide a variety of recreational services that the residents can benefit from to avoid leaving the complex. The more services that the complex provides, the less the need for residents to leave the complex.

Characteristics of residential complexes

B- Advantages of buying a residential property in an ordinary building

  • There is a diversity of services that can be obtained within the area of the normal building, as the service providers in it do not need to agree and take the approval of an administration such as the management of complexes, and this makes the services diversified in type, quality, and price.

Therefore, you have a variety of options from which to choose what suits your personal needs.

  • Real estate outside the complexes is less expensive compared to real estate within the complexes, which may make it the most appropriate option if it is not the only option available to a group of people who cannot buy or rent an apartment within the complex.
  • If you prefer to live near the city center, an apartment in an ordinary building is suitable, especially as it facilitates access to various transportations.

3- The disadvantages difference between residential complexes and ordinary building

Despite the advantages that both residential complexes and ordinary buildings have, they each have their drawbacks:

A - Disadvantages in residential complexes

  • Complexes are bound by the conditions set by their administration related to the services provided, which limits their provision of all services, so residents do not find services inside their complex except what is provided or permitted by the administration.
  • Complexes are bound by the conditions set by their management regarding the beneficiaries of the services provided. If the administration decides to limit the services to residents, then they cannot involve their guests and relatives to benefit from the services within the complex.
  • The cost of real estate in the complex is relatively high, and this is in addition to the proceeds that are paid for the services, regardless of how much you need and benefit from the services provided, which differ between the complexes.
  • Transportation from the complexes to the city center requires spending a relatively long time in transportation, as the complexes are usually built far from the city center due to the need for large areas to build.

B - Disadvantages of living in an ordinary building

  • The difficulty of finding a place to park the car in front of your house if you do not have a private garage, due to the crowding that you may find in your area of residence.
  • Noise in your area of residence due to crowding and movement you may find disturbing.
  • There will be no consideration for the presence of green places in the residential area, such as those in the complexes.

This was, in general, a description of advantages and disadvantages of apartments in residential complexes and ordinary buildings, and there remains a disparity in advantages and disadvantages between residential complexes, and a disparity in advantages and disadvantages between ordinary buildings, and therefore it is important to consult with specialists of experience within the real estate market in Turkey when buying.

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