Conditions Must Be Met for Property Ownership in Turkey| Get to Know Them in Detail

Conditions Must Be Met for Property Ownership in Turkey| Get to Know Them in Detail

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Conditions Must Be Met for Property Ownership in Turkey| Get to Know Them in Detail

Turkey is the most popular destination for those who want stability and are looking for a safe place to live.

Turkey is a huge market for real estate investment, with its security and luxury, beautiful tourist places, and reasonable prices for all classes.

Despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, which captivated the countries of the world and harmed their economy, Turkey recorded the sale of 68,600 properties to foreigners during the past year 2021, according to the official Anadolu Agency.

On the other hand, the Turkish real estate market has witnessed an increasing demand from foreigners during the past years, due to the many advantages granted by the Turkish government to foreigners when buying a property in Turkey, including:

Real estate residence permit in Turkey, which is a short-term residence (one year, renewable), granted by the Turkish authorities to a foreigner who owns immovable property (residential property) provided that it is used for the purpose of housing (according to the TRT website in Arabic).

Among the advantages of owning a property in Turkey is also the right to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment, whereby foreign investors in real estate can obtain Turkish citizenship under certain conditions, in addition, residents of Turkey enjoy the opportunity of education in Turkish schools and universities and services health and social.

In addition, the foreign investor also lives in high luxury, at low costs, and reaps through real estate investment in Turkey a guaranteed investment return, either when renting the property, or reselling it, as Turkey is a huge real estate market, and the income in it is guaranteed, so the demand for Turkish real estate increases, given the many facilities that the Turkish government provides to investors on its territory.

6 conditions for owning a property in Turkey:

First - legal presence

Legal presence is the presence of the buyer in person in Turkey to sign the purchase contract, and complete the procedures, but if the buyer is unable to attend, he can do the power of attorney process, through a proven official agency, by which a person is legally authorized to act on his behalf in the process the purchase. 

Second - Eligibility of the property

It means the safety of the property legally and technically, and the owner must ensure that there are no debts, loans, taxes on the property, or any other problems related to the property to be owned, and this is done by checking the title deed (Tapu).

A Turkish lawyer or legal advisor can help in this task, so that he can verify the title deed, the sale contract, and the eligibility of the property.

Third - Official Property Cession:

The seller and the buyer, or whoever represents the buyer, must go to the Tapu Department to complete the process of ceding the property legally, where the seller relinquishes the property, whether it is a house, land or facility, and the buyer receives the title deed of the property "Tapu".

Fourth - a bank account in Turkey:

One of the easy conditions for owning a property in Turkey is to open a bank account in one of the banks operating in Turkey.

Turkish banks open bank accounts for foreigners easily through the passport document, and the bank account is used to transfer the amount of money required to purchase the property.

Fifth - Tax number:

The property buyer must obtain a tax number in Turkey by visiting the tax department, and it can also be obtained through a government website. It is a number given to all residents of Turkey facilitating official financial and tax transactions.

Sixth - Coming to Turkey:

After completing the procedures for selling and transferring ownership and obtaining the required approvals, the buyer must come to Turkey within 15 days; to receive the title deed (Tapu) and pay the remaining amount to the second party (the seller).


Papers and documents required to own a property in Turkey:

A copy of the passport:

The passport is the document that a foreign citizen must show when he or she wants to buy a property. A photocopy and translated copy of the passport must be available into the Turkish language, and then certified by the notary, or what is called in Turkey “Noter”, which is the government authorized to certify all official papers, and Noter centers are spread in all regions and neighborhoods of Turkish cities.

Tax Number (Vergi Numarası)

Tax number is very important for all official financial transactions, and it can be obtained easily, either by visiting the tax department in any Turkish city, or via the Internet by entering the website of the tax department (Vergi Dayresi).

4 personal photos

Tapu Department (Land Registry) in Turkey also requires from the property owner four personal (biometric) photos to be included in the title deed (Tapu).

In conclusion:

It has become known that owning real estate in Turkey is advantages with great opportunities at all levels; It is good for investors who want a guaranteed profit, and to achieve gains, and suitable for those looking for a luxurious life filled with stability and security.

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