Advantages You Get When Buying a Property in Istanbul

Advantages You Get When Buying a Property in Istanbul

Real Estate Investment
Advantages You Get When Buying a Property in Istanbul

All the factors of investment success and tourist attractions unite in Istanbul. It is Istanbul tourism, education, civilization, history, geography, money, beauty, and medicine. The preferred destination for students of science and culture, and the perfect choice for lovers of residence and tourism, a haven, and a bright future for business and financial pioneers. The torrents of arrivals from all over the world do not stop, and the floods of visitors from other countries are inexhaustible. It is the pulse of life - for those who love life - with all its true meaning for life.

In this article, we will try to review some of the advantages of an aspect of investment success in Turkey, which is real estate investment, and what advantages you will get to motivate you to continue if you decide to buy your property in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish citizenship and the profits achieved are the most prominent features of the encouraging renaissance of real estate investment in Turkey

The investment environment in Turkey is very fertile and encouraging, especially in the field of real estate investment, this is because the Turkish government has given real advantages, interests, and incentives encouraging the investors to move forward - with confidence and reassurance - to make real estate investment in it the first and preferred option.

Here are some of the features of the encouraging renaissance of real estate investment in Turkey, most notably:

  • The total statistic achieved in home sales to foreigners - according to the Turkish Statistics Authority - jumped to more than 58,576 homes during the year 2021 AD, and the increase in sales started from the beginning of 2016 AD as sales then increased to 18,189 homes.
  • Owning real estate worth 250 thousand dollars and above, gives you the opportunity to obtain a renewable residence, and even more than that, you will be qualified to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Lower real estate prices due to the depreciation of the Turkish currency in return for the increase in the foreign exchange rate, which encourages the demand for real estate investment in Turkey.

Features, benefits, and facilities for real estate investment in Istanbul


What advantages, benefits and facilities do you get when buying your property in Istanbul?

The advantage of high real estate prices in Istanbul is not only an indication of the extent of the increase in demand versus supply in the real estate market; rather, the investor will be able to obtain many advantages, benefits and facilities when buying a property in Istanbul, we mention them as follows:

1-  Modern means of transportation, international universities, and ancient tourist attractions


  • Modern means of transportation

Istanbul has modern and varied means of transportation, facilitating the transportation process; It operates 24 hours, helping students commute to and from their schools and universities.

 It gives students and other residents and visitors who prefer this style of living the option of staying away from the hustle and bustle, so in Istanbul you can live in a quiet place (if you like it) and this will not hinder you from going to work.

You have the option of staying in the heart of bustling Istanbul if you like. There are several metro lines, the most important of which are the following three lines: M1, M2, M3.  Metrobus with a line length of 50 km is also an important mean. However, there are other types of transportation in Istanbul, such as tramways, buses, minibus, taxis, and ships.

  • International Universities

Istanbul is characterized by the presence of world-class universities, with modern scientific disciplines that keep pace with the times, and modern technologies, and international schools and Arab schools are also available, which made Istanbul a destination for many communities in Turkey.

  • Attractive attractions

Istanbul supports tourism for its residents and visitors from abroad. It facilitates transportation to and from tourist attractions by modern means of transportation. The city is distinguished by its ancient historical and tourist attractions, such as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar, The Tulip Festival, and others.

apartments for sell in istanbul

2-  Various investment opportunities (industrial and commercial) that grant you residency or citizenship


Investment opportunities in Turkey are diverse, you can invest in Istanbul taking advantage of its investment potential as commercial facilities such as warehouses, commercial offices, and factories.

This may provide you with opportunities to enhance your profits and achieve growth, in addition to achieving other additional benefits, such as residency or citizenship.

  Among the most prominent investment opportunities in Istanbul are:

  • Commercial investment in both parts:

- Investing your real estate in Istanbul and using it to work in the field of import and export, taking advantage of Turkey's relations and various agreements with other countries.

-Investing in other companies and stores; There are many options in Istanbul (Turkey's commercial capital including large companies and multi-purpose commercial malls. Some of them consist of 7 towers and include international brands such as (Mall of Istanbul).

Istanbul also includes companies, and various medium and small projects, such as restaurants, and small, medium, and large shops. Thus, it provides infrastructure, facilities, companies, and investment projects, which in turn help to provide many and varied job opportunities.

  • Industrial investment in real estate in Istanbul such as investing in the AETOSOP industrial zone, which contains a variety of industries, most notably: furniture factories, textiles, medical supplies, electrical, and sports materials and supplies.

3- Foreign investors prefer investing in Turkey over others

Why do foreign investors prefer real estate investment in Turkey over other European and Asian cities?

Buying real estate in Istanbul means buying a world-class property according to the index of the global real estate agency (Night Frank) in the third quarter of 2020, which measures the average price increase in 150 cities around the world. It showed an annual rise of 4.7% in house prices, while the annual house price growth rate in Istanbul reached more than 25%.

4- Distinguishing real estate investment from many investments

What distinguishes real estate investment from many commercial and industrial investments?

Real estate investment is generally considered a safe investment compared to investing in trade and industry.

To answer the previous question, the most prominent characteristics and advantages of real estate investment must be reviewed, the most important of which are:

  • Real estate prices are usually subject to increase with the increase in demand as a result of the increase in population growth, in addition to the fact that real estate is one of the necessities.
  • Profit as a result of real estate trading; Real estate investment can be by buying a land, then building it, and selling it, as well as by buying a residential or commercial property, then selling it at a price higher than the purchase price.
  • The density of students coming to study, as Istanbul is distinguished by attracting students to study in its universities, so you find that investing in renting housing for students and students coming from multiple countries is one of the profitable projects and provides you with a profit from the rents.
  • Real estate prices increase from time to time due to the influx of visitors to Istanbul for tourism, education, investment, contraindication, and accommodation; You will find an attractive margin of profit, and you will also find it during the period between the sale price and the purchase price in case you decide to sell.

5- Apartment prices in Istanbul vary because of various factors

Prices of apartments in Istanbul vary because of various factors depending on of its location, the most prominent of which are:

  • (City of the Two Continents), real estate within residential areas in the European side and the Asian side, the most prominent of these areas in the Asian side are: Uskudar, Kadikoy, Beykoz, and among the most prominent areas in the European side: Basaksehir, Kagithane, Besiktas.
  • According to the proximity and distance of the services as with the price of an apartment consisting of a room and a salon in the heart of Istanbul, you can buy an apartment consisting of 4 rooms and a salon in the suburbs of Istanbul. And you may be able to change it for a villa in the European countryside of Istanbul.

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